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Intec Corporation, having been founded in 1996, is India’s second-largest manufacturer of roof-mounted rail coach air conditioners for passenger coaches.

Intec has a sophisticated plant in Selaqui, Uttarakhand, with a covered area of 25,000 square feet. Intec has produced exceptional goods and provides excellent service support as a result of intensive development and research.

Intec’s dynamic team of engineers and technicians has successfully developed and supplied quality equipment to Indian Railways, including the Roof Mounted Rail Coach Air Conditioner, Feeder Junction Box, and electric panels, in addition to the Roof Mounted Rail Coach Air Conditioner, which remains the core competency of Intec.

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About Intec

Intec Corporation was started in 1996 and now after 25 years is a reputed supplier of air conditioning equipment to Indian Railways for Conventional and LHB type RMPU. INTEC is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and an RDSO approved Part-I regular source for supply of Conventional RMPUs with Control Panels as per their latest specification, RMPUs with Microprocessor Controller for LHB EOG Type Coaches & RMPUs for Kolkata metro for Indian Railways. Intec is also Part-I approved source in Cab Air conditioning for Chittranjan Locomotive Works, Banaras Locomotive Works & Patiala Locomotive Works.

Intec is the second largest supplier of Roof Mounted Rail Coach Air Conditioners for passenger coaches in India.  Intec so far has supplied more than 9000 such air conditioners duly tested and approved by RDSO to Indian Railways since 1997 and enjoying an excellent reputation. Intec also has an after-sales service network throughout India to provide technical support and service back up to its products during and after warranty through annual maintenance contracts for AC coaches.

Intec has a modern factory established in Selaqui, Uttarakhand with 25,000 square feet covered area. The new Heat exchanger line which is just established in 2021 is having a capacity of making 1000 Heat exchanger per month. The manufacturing unit is also approved by RDSO, Rail Coach Factory, Integral Coach Factory, Modern Coach Factory and other Railways.

Intec has fully automatic CNC Turret Punch press, NC bending press, Automatic shearing machine, In-house sheet metal fabrication, dynamic balancing of rotating axial and centrifugal fans, TIG, MAG, and electric arc welding machines, electronic leak detectors, charging stations and Fully Automatic Psychrometric Laboratory. Thus, enabling us to manufacture components in house to increase reliability & efficiency.

Through extensive development and research, Intec has produced excellent products and provide service support as well.  The dynamic team of engineers and technicians has successfully developed and supplied quality equipment including RMPU for self-propelled Integrated coaches, Feeder Junction Box & electric panels to Indian Railways in addition to the Roof Mounted Rail Coach Air Conditioner which remains the heart of Intec’s core competency.

Made from the best raw materials and manufactured under stringent quality norms carried out right from the receipt of raw material to the final testing in controlled ambient test rooms and shower tested under 60 mm per minute of simulated rain water conditions to ensure no water ingress in the passenger area while the unit is running.

Intec has complete design capability, trained manpower and latest plant & machinery to manufacture any type of Roof Mounted AC Package Units for Indian Railways.